The Area for Virtual Art becomes a place where people get together from all over the world to experience art, immerse themselves in new worlds and let go. 

The Area for Virtual Art appropriates room in virtual space. Space that serves society. A place where people from all over the world can meet and network. A place where digital artistic formats gain visibility. Space and tools that artists* can experiment with. A place where internationally networked discussions and exchanges take place.

The Area for Virtual Art sees itself as a lively part of public discussion and negotiation processes. It aims at creating new public spaces for being present, participating in discourse, creating visibility and building community.

We are looking for a present that arouses interest in the future.

The core of the space are curated formats. We work together with festivals, museums, galleries or artist collectives to curate and show programs within the Area for Virtual Art and present virtual exhibitions, discourse programs and events.

At the same time, the Area functions as an open communication platform. In addition to the exhibition space as a place of representation and reception, a social virtual space is created. People meet for a virtual vernissage, experience art together with friends or network with an international audience in live programs and participate in discourse formats. So the Area for Virtual Art will become a social medium for the digital art community.