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This is the Area for Virtual Art, a place for immersive experiences and get-togethers.

The Area for Virtual Art is a space for people from all over the world to get in touch, experience art, immerse themselves in new worlds and let go. 

We invite you to join whenever you want to discover art, get inspired, collect knowledge or just go on an immersive journey! Experience the Area on your own, together with friends or meet new people.

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Meet the team, the artists and others within the Area for Virtual Art mozilla hub space .

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“A virtual Utopia. The area comes alive”

Our first exhibition “A virtual Utopia. The area comes alive” gives a first insight into the Area for Virtual Art.

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“Experiencing extended realities” | our second exhibition

From September 25 to October 5, 2020

Just like its physical sister, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK’s Virtual Festival Headquarters will be a place to enjoy a diversity of content but also to meet and interact with other visitors.

Being partner of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK’s Virtual Festival Headquarters the Area for Virtual Art is presenting its second exhibition: “Experiencing extended realities”, including several commissioned artworks by international digital artists.


Challenge: “Free Spaces. A New Social.”

Starting on 09–09–2020

The Vienna Business Agency – in cooperation with sound:frame – is looking for submissions for the Challenge “Free Spaces. A New Social.”:

We are looking for concepts that deal with the creation of new environments in Web-VR, focusing on topics like social interaction, artistic production and knowledge exchange.


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