Pixel Bytes Film Exhibition

Pixel, Bytes + Film Exhibition.

Virtuelle Ausstellung – Innovative Filmkunst aus Österreich

This virtual exhibition is an answer to an exceptional year of physical distance. It presents a snapshot of the film-art projects supported by ‘Pixel, Bytes + Film’ over the production year 2020.
Visitors can enter the exhibition via the social web-VR tool Mozilla Hubs and enjoy the art virtually as avatars together with the artists.

Sound:frame created two virtual show rooms customized for the art projects of the support program ‘Pixel, Bytes + Film’. In each exhibition space visitors can view and experience 5 art works. On their path through, visiting avatars are able to discover film-screens, 360° videos and 3D-portals leading into virtual art spaces designed by the participating artists. Similar to a physical experience, visitors are able to enjoy an exhibition tour portraying the diversity of the support program ‘Pixel, Bytes + Film’.

Ganael Dumreicher, Martin Eichler and Carla Veltmann are creating virtual film scenes consisting of 3D-laserscans of real spaces in combination with constructed atmospheres, transferring the bark beetle as a symbol of a possible future scenario into our homes.

Inspired by an Asian trend, Susanna Flock presents an Eating Show in which the protagonist is consuming dishes solely produced from egg. The artist reminds us of the ambivalence present in a technological, ever connected world with an increasing number of lonely people.

Gloria Gammer’s art film “When the World Comes to an End, I Will Have Loved You” focusses on Andy, who uploads his mind into a digital world just before it ends in an apocalypse, taking his human body with it. Nothing seems as it was anymore.

In their VR-artwork “The Entropy Gardens” Gregor Ladenhauf and Leonhard Lass are investigating one of the most archetypical artforms of human history: garden design. The virtual gardens they create form poetic ecosystems displaying a unique aesthetic.

In “HYPERmnesia” Anna Lerchbaumer and Andreas Zißler are sensually exploring a world in which memory, landscape and visual mediatisation concur in a hike, a scan of forestation, high-resolution recording of the past and ist threads, pipes and pipelines into the future.

Flavia Mazzanti’s work „Sympoietic Bodies“ is an artistic and philosophical film, researching and dissolving the boundaries between the human body and its social and physical environment. The plot revolves around „C“, inhabitant of a hybrid world, and follows her living in symbioses with her surroundings.

Marlies Pöschl’s virtual-reality project “Infra-Ordinary Palm Trees” investigates the outsourcing of ageing. In a shifted “Heimatroman”, the artist takes us to a care home in Thailand where we get to observe the daily routines of European pensioners.

In the musicvideo “Make you need me”, which Samuel Traber / PICKS produced for the Austrian band 5KHD, we are taken into an alarming utopia of electronic trash: old television sets, mobile phones, computers and toys are on their way to a gigantic space dump. Floating in outer space these broken artefacts from earth begin to flicker and start to interact with each other like an AI chanting at us: “I can make you want me, but I can’t make you need me…”.

In the film “Civil Dusk” David Uzochukwu and David Reitenbach are concentrating on Uzochukwu’s personal relationship to his father. Considering post-colonial structures, they are questioning ideas and expectations of decent, belonging and longing.


Ganaël Dumreicher, Martin Eichler, Carla Veltmann
Susanna Flock
Gloria Gammer
Gregor Ladenhauf, Leonhard Lass / Depart
Anna Lerchbaumer, Andreas Zißler
Flavia Mazzanti
Marlies Pöschl
Samuel Traber / PICKS
David Uzochukwu, David Reitenbach

Exhibition created and realized by

sound:frame: Martina Menegon, Enrico Zago, Maximilian Prag and Marlene Kager