Meet the artist Ellen Bornkessel

Meet the artist Ellen Bornkessel

Meet the artist Ellen Bornkessel

03.11.2020, 17:00 - 18:00


The “Embassy of Trees” was founded in 2018 by the artist Ellen Bornkessel in order to give nature a voice. During the meeting in the virtual 3D Hub-Gallery the artist talks about her inspirations.

Nature is pushed out of our environment, we are experiencing a mass extinction of species. Our world is becoming emptier and emptier. We are paying a high price for the material goods we gain by destroying our planet.

The “Embassy of Trees” artistically establishes a diplomatic representation of the forest in the city, giving the trees a voice. Something that seems lost returns to our habitat and reminds us that we are connected. Large photo installations of forests suddenly appear in urban space and confuse us. “What is the forest doing in the city?” They make visible what we miss, what we destroy and inspire us to act.

They also add magic and beauty to our optimized life. Nature is looking at us from where only advertising can usually be seen. An approximately 100 m long photo installation of a forest encompassed the Cologne Cathedral, a World Cultural Heritage. In Monheim, a public bus was converted into a moving forest . These contextual shifts, the rededication of advertising spaces create great positive
attention. The “Embassy of Trees” awakens longings for untouched nature and for more nature within cities and shows the discrepancy in which we live and aims at our possibilities.

We can live sustainably!


The name of the portal in the area: “Culture and sustainability”

To the guided tour:
The number of participants is limited to 20 persons. To register for the guided tour through the 3D Hub-Gallery of Genshagen, please enter here: Registration for the event

The tour will start punctually at the booked time in the virtual 3D lounge. From there we will walk together to the virtual 3D gallery. If you need technical support, we will activate a zoom conference room 30 minutes in advance. You will receive this link shortly before – at the latest 3 hours before – the tour. You are welcome to visit the 3D-Lounge and 3D-Gallery in advance and choose your personal avatar.

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